Smogon Premier League VIII - Player Signups

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Player Name: AuraMaster300
Tiers Played: ORAS OU, SM OU
Timezone: UTC -9 (AKST)
Significant Time Missed?: Can only battle on Fridays - Saturdays - and Sundays however will not miss and significant times
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Player Name: MoltenMagmaFilms
Tiers Played: SM OU
Timezone: GMT-8 (PT)
Significant Time Missed?: Usually busy during most weekdays until about 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM PT; I'm available to play Fridays after 4:00 pm PT/Saturdays almost all the time/Sundays almost all the time. PM me on smogon when ur ready to play me.
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Player Name: legitmeow
Tiers Played: SM OU
Timezone : GMT+1 (CET)
Significant Time Missed?: Yes, (2 Weeks February, exams)
Player Name: TamerAG_YT
Tiers Played: SM OU / ORAS OU / RBY OU/ADV OU (played RBY a bit)
Timezone : PST (Pacific Standard Time)
UTC/GMT -8 hours
Significant Time Missed?: no?, (this monday - Wednesday i have tests)


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Player Name: Lord Thorx
Tiers Played: SM Ubers / ORAS OU / BW OU / ADV OU / RBY OU / DPP OU
Timezone : GMT -4
Significant Time Missed?: No


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Player Name: Primarine
Tiers Played: SM OU / SM Ubers / ORAS OU / SM LC
Timezone : GMT -4
Significant Time Missed?: No. At least that someone kills me.
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